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Did you know? We do!

Did you know?
Metatarsal guards protect the top of your foot.

Did you know?
Flame retardant fabric is chemically treated to create threads and fibres that will self-extinguish when they catch on fire.

Did you know?
The main feature of a waterproof product is that it cannot absorb water at all. Water resistant products repel water to a certain extent.

These are just a few examples of product features that any employer should know of. Safety is of utmost importance in the workplace, especially when it comes to wearing the best PPE in high risk areas.

1. Safety Related – Workwear and personal protective equipment must be durable and specifically designed for the industry, to protect workers from any related risk they can possibly be exposed to. The correct workwear and PPE from head to toe is needed – overalls must be of a suitable design and the correct material composition. The type of protection depends on the risk in the workplace.

For example, on wearing gloves/the correct gloves: After working with chemicals, your hands become contaminated, with the risk that you will then spread the unwanted chemicals to other areas. This is why the right safety gloves is important.

2. Productivity related – Safety wear also needs to be comfortable and breathable, enabling the workers to work efficiently. The incorrect workwear can lead to decreased productivity, injury or even death.

Workwear evolves according to industry requirements and safety risks, so we recommend you to speak to your representative before purchasing PPE or safety clothing.


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