Why PPE In Agriculture?
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Why PPE In Agriculture?

Knowing the responsibilities of employers and employees, having the correct personal protective equipment and workwear is of paramount importance. Workwear has to not only comply with safety standard regulations, but must also be appropriate for the specific industry. Personal protective equipment must be efficient and breathable, and can also improve productivity in your team.

It is highly recommended that employees are educated on their specific needs for PPE. Communicate it to them, select the relevant PPE and educate the employee on its proper use.

Because agriculture is one of the largest sources of employment worldwide, it also involves a wide range of work environments, from outdoor to indoor – machinery to plants, etc.

In agriculture, protection can vary from:

  • Respiratory: Agricultural employees can experience a variety of situations, including respiratory issues: from temporary discomfort caused by allergic reaction to fatal asphyxiation depending on the chemicals worked with.
  • Hearing: Exposure to sound and noise over a long period of time can cause permanent ear damage. We have a range of ear plugs and ear muffs available.
  • Head and face: Eyes – being one of the most sensitive body parts, can absorb particles very quickly. Ask your representative for guidance on the right goggles, hats, masks, face shields etc for your team’s needs.
  • Body: Because workers can be in contact with a number of dangerous particles – provide them with the correct, high quality protection to diminish exposure. On an interesting note: hands are the body part that is most likely prone to injuries. The correct safety gloves are thus very important.
  • Disposable wear: Make sure that workers wear their protective suits, hats, gloves, masks, disposable wear and everything else needed for their safety.

Teach your workers to understand the role of an individual in conserving the safety of his/herself and others.


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