Relevant Questions When Purchasing Workwear Products
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Relevant Questions When Purchasing Workwear Products

We all know it can be quite a mission when ordering workwear products –  sometimes you receive it and it is not 100% what you were looking for. Or even worse – it is the incorrect product with branding on! We are here to help. Today we would like to give guidelines on what to ask the representatives/assistants when ordering products.

Sizes of clothing matter

There has been a lot of confusion regarding clothing sizes, as it influences the pricing, depending on the manufacturer or supplier. On conti suits, always provide the jacket size and not the trouser sizing. Conti suits are sold by jacket size. If you provide trouser sizes, you will end up with a product that is a size too small. Other than that, the supplier can provide you with a measuring chart if available.


Although Royal blue conti suits are the most popular conti suit colour – colours can also represent a specific purpose. For example, red boilersuit are commonly worn by poison sprayers. White workwear is commonly worn in the Food and Hygiene industries.

What am I looking for/what do you need?

The fabric composition adds to the quality of the product. Further, one should ask what is the purpose for the workwear and and how long should it last? If there are contract workers coming in for a season, a budget conti suit will last for the season and can then be discarded. Permanent workers can wear better quality conti suits that are more durable. Taking great care of the product can lengthen its the lifespan considerably.

 Is it relevant to the industry?

Remember to order products specifically designed for a specific industry. Allow me to use the example of HACCP. The Food and Hygiene industry is one of the largest industries globally. HACCP specifications run as no pockets, reversed buttons, concealed press studs etc. Or ARC suit in ARC environment, as it keeps the workers safe. The relevancy to the industry is very important.


Please make sure that the order placed is 100% correct, especially when there is printing or embroidery to be done. Branded products cannot be exchanged if an incorrect product, colour, size or any other factor was ordered.

Tip: A clear PDF format/Vector logo can accelerate the process as it eliminates the time spent to redraw a logo.

Lets talk pricing

Most businesses will say that you get what you pay for, but with Basson Workwear we always try to give our customers and clients the best prices as possible because we value relationships above all.

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