Max your protection with Dromex ARC Safety
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Max your protection with Dromex ARC Safety

To Dromex, all employees are entitled to maximum protection. Employers should never have to compromise on the quality of the protective products supplied.

Dromex has once again delivered on their promise with the release of the ARC range. The ARC products are a specially formulated range made from the Dromex A.P.T ® (Arc Protective Technologies) fabric blend and is locally manufactured.

A wide range of ARC products are available, such as gloves, balaclavas, visors, goggles etc. These items offer protection against the thermal hazard of electric arc. The correct PPE is paramount in protecting our clients’ biggest asset – their team.

With the results of the Dromex Protera, the garment was successfully tested to 16.8Cal/cm2. (Normal rating 12.4Cal/cm2). Dromex was pleased to find that their garment offers the best protection in its class.

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